Thursday, 14 July 2011

Grindon Well Dressing

Grindon Well Dressing
(Canon EOS 60D, Tamron 10-24mm @ 17mm, 1/60s @ f/8.0)
Well Dressings are an annual feature of village life in the Peak District. In the past, the wells were dressed to give thanks for the water and the theme of the well dressing was usually religious. More latterly, secular themes have been used; in this case celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Peak District National Park. Grindon Well Dressing took place last weekend. Unfortunately, the poor weather has not been kind to this example as the rain has washed away some of the materials.
Detail of the image
A mosaic of petals, leaves, seeds and twigs are pressed into a bed of wet clay to make the tableaux. Some of the villagers grow plants especially to provide the necessary materials.
While in Grindon, the sign below gave me a laugh!


  1. The wells are always a fillip. Too much seed in most but every now and again one finds a classic. No peppercorns!
    The sign is briliant.........keep walking and keep reporting.

  2. I love that well dressing continues in these parts. I always used to see it in Longnor as a child as my grandparents lived there for many years. Last year we went to Eyam and the detail was amazing. We haven't seen any well dressings this year though as I haven't been in the area much. The sign is brilliant!

  3. For those that can get to the Peak District, there is a calendar of the dressings at I'll try to get to some others and post them.
    The sign has a great mix of humour and menace!