Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dimmings Dale Reflections

My favourite of the day
My Wednesday walk took me to Dimmings Dale near Alton. The valley was a busy industrial site until the mid 19th century. The stream was dammed in several places making lots of pools to power the mill machinery and iron and lead were smelted using coal from the nearby Cheadle coalfield and the wood from the valley sides. By 1850 the industry had gone but the valley was devastated. The local Talbot family replanted the woods and tidied the devastation with the result that, today, it is a very nice valley for a walk.

I decided to concentrate on a few shots of the reflections of the trees in the pools. Hope you like them.

(Canon EOS 60D, Tamron 10-24mm)


  1. So I'm looking at these trying to decide which I like best. Answer was easy 1 and 4, but why took a little longer. I think it is that 1 and 4 had no sun reflected, and the water looked cleaner, less flotsam. Does this mean I am old fashioned, and prefer landscapes to look like chocolate boxes?

  2. Graham, the sun was included on purpose in 2 and 3. Not certain that it works though. My favourites are 1 and 3. I quite like the flotsam. It reminds me of a drawing by M C Escher (although the drawing I'm thinking of also had a large carp swimming under the surface).

  3. I love reflections but think number two is special. It has a surreal quality that appeals to me. Brave to include the sun but it works.

  4. I thought you'd like them Adrian.