Saturday, 1 December 2012

Cheddleton Panorama

(Panasonic Lumix TZ10 - 10 images stitched in Microsoft ICE)

This morning, while out walking Button, our dog, I decided to put the Microsoft Image Composition Editor (ICE) to the test with a large panorama. I used my Lumix compact camera set on A mode (aperture priority), with auto exposure, white balance and focus. The 10 photos looked at individually had various tints due to differences in white balance but, as you can see, ICE made an excellent job of stitching and balancing the 10 photos giving a view over a 208 deg angle. The white border at the bottom of the panorama on the right is there because I decided that the auto crop feature of ICE was a bit too fierce as I had hand held the camera rather than using a tripod. I haven't found any panorama stitching program that does a better job. (Click on the photo for a closer look.)


  1. Can't see a larger view. E-mail if you would like it on your blog. It's only a couple of lines of code.
    Photoshop algorithms are, on this picture no better.
    Nowt wrong with your picture but it should be shot in portrait mode to tell. I stitch regularly but no app can do it yet.
    PS. I also do blog panoramas without a tripod.
    Nowt wrong with that but look at Joe Cornish if you want to have anything print as art.

    1. Clicking on the image expands it to a maximum of the current window size. The largest you would be able to see is would be if you maximize the browser window. I would normally use a tripod and a vertical (portrait) set of images for a panorama but this was just done as a test of ICE. I have since tried using Elements 9 to stitch these images and, as you said, it is just as good if perhaps a little slower. Thanks for your help and the personal email.