Monday, 10 December 2012

Weir, Monsal Dale

Weir on the River Wye
(Canon EOS 60D, Sigma 17-70mm @ 17mm, 1/100s @ f/7.1, Composite panorama of 3 images)
A sunny but cold morning tempted me out for a walk today. I decided on Monsal Dale and walked from the A6 up to Brushfield then along the top to the Monsal Trail and back along the dale by the River Wye. After all the rain we have had recently the River was well up and much was crashing over the weir. I passed through a field of bullocks near the road on the way back to the car.
Bullocks in Monsal Dale


  1. A grand weir. when not in spate there is a rock shelf under it that makes a good vantage point.

    1. Yes Adrian. I did consider trying to get down to it, but it was much too dangerous!