Friday, 20 January 2012

Jenkin Chapel, Saltersford

Jenkin Chapel
(Canon EOS 60D, Tamron 10-24mm @ 18mm, 1/320s @ f/8.0)
This unusual church was built in 1733 as a residence for the minister and a place of worship. It was later dedicated to St John the Evangelist. The chapel stands in a lonely spot at the junction of 3 "salters roads"; so called because they were the pack horse routes for transporting salt in the 18th century. The origin of the name is disputed but may be from a local farming family called Jenkin. I believe that services are still held here once a month, despite the chapel being 3 miles from the nearest village (Rainow).


  1. A wonderful church....I've never seen it nor heard of it. Many thanks, it looks well worth a look.

  2. It is quite a surprise given its isolated situation.